Opening hours: by agreement


Beneficial effect of the infrared sauna:
Helps with back pain or menstrual pain, improves condition
from arthritis, strengthens the immune system, treats eczema and psoriasis, treats yeast infections, promotes blood circulation, cares for the heart and supports the treatment of high blood pressure, detoxifies the body, fights cellulite.

Hot tub: 

What can a hot tub do?
Relaxes sore muscles and joints. You will wash away stress, reduce and release tension. It dilates blood vessels - the body is better oxygenated. It has a beneficial effect
on the cardiovascular system. Accelerates healing of bruises
and post-operative conditions. It works as a proven rehabilitation after injuries. Prepares you for a good night's sleep and is guaranteed to relax you.


Relaxing massages are available by appointment.


This is an absolutely exceptional massage chair, which is equipped not only with absolutely innovative massage mechanics, but also with a built-in Ionizer that allows you to breathe purified air ( oxygen ) during the massage, cleans and disinfects the air in the room. It is also equipped with a special BRAINTRONICS system. This patented system is absolutely unique in relieving stress in the human body.


You can relax in the cozy infrared sauna, private jacuzzi, relaxation will provide a massage chair. Book now!


We prepare meals from locally sourced ingredients. Vegetables and herbs are grown in our guesthouse and we do not use any chemical fertilizers.We buy our meat and sausages from a small private butcher in Trutnov. Hampl butcher shop.


You can spend evenings with your family or friends in our cellar. We cooperate with the winery Spěvák from Velké Bílovice and the regional brewery Opat in Broumov.

Additional information

Check-in is from 15:00, check-out is required by 10:00.

Don't forget your slippers.

We think of our guests and since we have clean rooms everywhere, we ask our guests to remember to bring slippers.


Pets can be accommodated for a fee.

We will be happy to welcome your four-legged friends in our guesthouse. Please report their stay in advance! They must not roam freely around the guesthouse (only on a leash!), they must not go to bed and they must not disturb other guests with their barking.